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Ed Stitt

Paintings & Drawings

My First 40 Years

Boston from Larz, Rainy

69. Boston from Larz, Rainy 2009   oil on panel    8x8”    collection of Meg and Jonathan White

My painting class eventually began to dwindle as people got better at painting and didn't need my input as much. As we traveled to various places to paint, fewer people showed up, especially on rainy days.

One grey morning, at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, hardly anyone showed up.  I pulled out a panel and painted in the rain.  The rain went from drizzle to mist to nothing to drizzle, all morning long.  It was a cool, dark, green landscape, and the light changed little, just a little darker or lighter, all morning long. The water beaded up on the oil surface, but I still had to wipe it off as I proceeded.  The entire city of Boston appeared as a dull haze off in the distance behind the rich summer green of the park.  

Eventually this and Larz Oak (number 73) inspired a larger painting, Larz in the City (number 82).