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Ed Stitt

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Basket of Napkins: Apprentice Rob Dinsmore's Painting

Fenway Drawing and Painting Class

We have started up this group class again which focuses on skill building for beginning to advanced art learners who want to develop their observational and figurative drawing and painting skills. The class meets in the top parking lot of Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, MA on Wednesdays from 9am to 12 noon. In case of inclement weather, we may meet in my studio in historic Fenway Studios (30 Ipswich Street, Boston). Cost is $65/class.

Email me at, or call me at (617) 312-2165 to learn more about the class, the venue, and parking arrangements.

Next Fall (2022) will be my 12th year as a Visiting Instructor at Boston University for the class, Anatomy and Figure Drawing, which meets twice a week and focuses on learning Gross Human Anatomical terms and drawing the useful landmarks one needs to know to draw the human figure convincingly. The class will be drawing from the cadaver in anatomy lab during a few sessions, then from the live model in most others. This is an informative and creative, as well as scientific, class. Examples of some of the work can be seen on my Instagram page, link below.

Individual, Private Instruction: I teach individually tailored lessons to growing students/artists. Cost is $90/hour for Zoom or Facetime meetings, $125 for in person, Face to Face meetings where I travel to their studio.

APPRENTICES: I currently have one student working with me in my studio during the winter months. I have space for one or possibly two students over the summer months, May through October. "Apprenticeship" involves rigorous training and skill development in drawing and painting from observation (usually taking 2 to 3 years), along with development of professional skills and vision. Look at my various students' work alongside this page to see some of the work they've done and some of the assignments I've given. Cost is $125 per session (involving training, demonstration, critique, and assignments). Students often choose one meeting per week, some choose two to develop quickly. If you are interested in apprenticeship with me, we would have to work out a time and place for the training to occur, whether subletting in my studio ($825/month, which includes instruction fee) or at a student's own studio space. Contact me at if interested.