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Ed Stitt

Paintings & Drawings

My First 40 Years


Suzie    2007     oil on linen    16x12”    collection of the artist

Suzie was born in 2002. No dreamy paintings of her floating in the universe or looking out over horizons – we were too busy changing diapers and dealing with two older toddlers!  So here was my chance to finally paint her.

Suz was born with congenital cataracts, and had her lenses removed (from behind her pupils, inside her eyes!) at one month old.  Over the years she had five eye surgeries, contact lenses, and many types of glasses, some of which made her eyes look huge.  She now has man-made lenses behind her pupils, and therefore no longer needs the large lenses out in front of her eyes.  Suzie is a very fun, witty, and unique personality, and the glasses only added to her strong character and charm. Our photos of her growing up with those precious glasses are priceless.  Once another child asked her why her eyes were so big (she was about three years old) and after looking at him, rather, fixing her large gaze upon him, she said, “I'm not gonna tell you.  You figure it out.”  And went on playing.  Currently she is quite the dancer.