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Ed Stitt

Paintings & Drawings

My First 40 Years

Marian's Italianate Garden

Marian’s Italianate Garden   1999    oil on linen    14x16”    collection of David Center and Patricia Rabbett

The wooden fence beyond this lovely Italianate garden was the brightest thing in view, but the surrounding garden was a fresh breath of air and an escape from the city.

A group of adult painters whom I'd met in various classes asked if I would teach them privately, using the basement of one of their homes as a place for class to meet during the winter and/or bad weather.  This was the beautiful garden behind that same house.  When winter classes in the basement were done, we’d venture upstairs and out of doors to paint the grounds.  We had just started this group when I joined in and painted the garden.  That group lasted ten years, and a number of those students are still painting professionally today.