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Ed Stitt

Paintings & Drawings

My First 40 Years

Pittsburgh Street    1983    Oil on Canvas    30x42"    collection of the Cabot Corporation

This was a great corridor to paint in the Fort Point area… the sun revealed drastic differences in color on the bricks.
I got cold standing on this street lined by warehouses, and the wind picked up fiercely throughout the fall. The Boston Wharf workers stopped by now and then to look over my shoulder. One said, (in a gruff, quick, hard-to-distinguish voice), “You ain’t paintin’ that red chitbox down there, are ya? Huh?” Eventually I figured out he was pointing to the red pickup truck at the end of the street, and was making fun of his coworker’s truck at the same time. Slow on the uptake, I played it off as best I could. I’ve never been good at making quick, funny comebacks while half frozen and painting; left brain/right brain thing, I guess.