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Ed Stitt

Paintings & Drawings

My First 40 Years

East Side Dairy, Night    1980    oil on canvas    16x20"    collection of Jack Kalchthaler    

5. East Side Dairy, Night 1980 oil on canvas 16x20" collection of Jack Kalchthaler

After graduation, having worked at an amusement park for the summer season, I had to continue paying my bills as autumn approached. I had no art job or prospects. So I lowered my head and returned home, where my parents graciously took me in and allowed me to stay as I thought out my next step. There were no art jobs in Pittsburgh or Cleveland for a young student with a BFA who could paint well… the jobs were all advertising jobs for department stores, requiring skills I had not acquired as I chased Claude Monet’s shadows. While in Greenville, I continued to do what I could do, which was paint and do occasional free lance work for people, and I applied my skills to painting the convenience store across the street from my house, which I remembered from as far back as I could. It is no longer a store, and my family no longer owns that lovely old house. But here again I was chasing Monet, painting the same haystack, er, storefront, at different times of day, er, night.